Lifestyle Workshops

Lifestyle Workshops

For wine lovers, wine is always the best companion in their business and daily life. We hold different kinds of courses to allow wine lovers achieve the unique lifestyle with wines.

We are going to hold a workshop mixing with wine and chocolate.
You will enjoy the tasting of wine and dessert during the fun workshop. Join us now!

4 types of wine and 4 types of chocolate will be tasted during the workshop.

Wine and cheese are two of life’s simple pleasures. Finding the perfect match can be a delicious and enjoyable endeavor.

Oysters and wine are not always a natural combo, but some pairings are great. There is nothing better than sitting in a restaurant with a tray of oysters and a glass of white wine. White wine and oysters is a classic pairing.

Wine and Oyster

Do all grapes have the same flavor? Why a wine can smell like red fruits or tropical fruits?

Come and join us to learn about wine making and its effects on aroma. We will use Aromaster to train your nose to identify the main grape varieties and wine. Our Educator will guide you to use the sense of smell to appreciate five specially selected wines.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is about harvest and family reunions. In Chinese culture, a full moon symbolizes unity, peace and prosperity. Flowers are powerful symbols in Chinese culture and are often used to represent new life.

Come and join our special workshop!
We will guide you on how to enjoy the moon-cakes with 3 types of wine!

Cultivate your taste by painting an exclusive art piece and drinking the enjoyable wines. We collaborate with different artists and art studios to share the experience with you. Come to relax, sip and paint along with us!

The interactive course allows you cook and pair the wines with food. A definitely fun experience for you to pair the wine and the delicious dishes prepared by yourself on site. Be a chef with wines now!