May & June Sake appreciation Workshop | Jun 21, 2017
How to drink Sake? Cold, warm or at room temperature? Learn to distinguish the different types and categories of sake. Discover how sake will enhance the taste of food.
Wine X Art Jamming Workshop. | Jun 17, 2017
On Saturday's wine x drawing workshop, students will be able to taste the art of the painting while studying the painting.
LeFrench May - Champagne Appreciation Workshop. | May 19, 2017
A relaxing two-hour workshop to learn champagne, and it is a happy Friday evening!
2016 Vinex Christmas Party | Dec 10, 2016
Mailly Champagne Grand Cru Master Class | May 24, 2016
The valuable and amazing Champagne Master Class will be held this month. Mr. Jean François Preauare, the General Manager of Mailly Champagne Grand Cru, is hosting a learning and tasting master class. You definitely cannot miss this out!
Chablis Master Class | Mar 16, 2016
The Winemaker & the Owner of Domaine Servin will be presented 6 of the Burgundian Premium White Wines.
Vegetarian Dinner with Wines | Feb 18, 2016
We are going to hold a Vegetarian Dinner with Wines on 18th Feb.
Vinex Christmas Party | Dec 19, 2015
Group Wine Appreciation Workshop - HKCPPCC | Dec 01, 2015
Postgraduate & Executive Education Expo - Seminar | Nov 21, 2015
Corporate Seminar - Why should corporation connect with wine? | Nov 10, 2015