Aroma kit - Le Nez Du Vin (Special Offer)

The reference work by Jean Lenoir for making rapid progress in wine-tasting.
Set in a sophisticated red case, 54 superb quality aromas come to life in your scent memory for you to recognize in fine wines.
54 index cards explain the real link between aromas and wine.
A guide-book will accompany you with its rich illustrations and practical exercises to teach you how to taste wines the world over.
Make scents of wine! Thanks to Le Nez du Vin®, the learning tool for amateur and professional wine lovers.

24 essential aromas found in red wines and white (including champagnes) selected from the 54-aroma Masterkit.
Three booklets are included. The first one deals with smell and taste. The second one unveils how the 12 key white aromas appear and in what types of wine. The third one covers the same research for 12 key aromas of red wines.
Illustrations and a variety of great wines from all over the world are given as examples. Plenty to get your nose into!